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Age: Around 40
Height: 5'11"
Species: Human
Vitals: Alive, inexplicably. Not unlike Keith Richards.

There aren't any direct medical signs that Jim is a fictional character (though the marking on his left buttcheek that says "Property of Warner Bros." is a bit suspicious). But it's quite clear that his body has been subjected to an implausible amount of abuse. His blood alcohol content will be unusually high - always. He's never NOT drinking. His liver, God bless it, doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word "quit," though anyone with any sense of decency or pity would wish that it would. There are signs of an old gunshot wound on the right side of his rear end, along with other scuffs, bruises, and wounds. Regular use of cannabis is apparent. Occasional use of other drugs seems likely.

In summation, Jim's vitals read as a man who's either about to keel over at any minute or a man who will never die. Any doctorly concern is well-founded but ultimately misplaced. Jim came from out of the dream factory, and dreams never die.


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